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Kismet Olfactive

Nostalgia (50ml)

Nostalgia (50ml)

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Eau de Parfum. Nostalgia is a love song to the French-Alps village of Grasse. Structured onpoetry’s 14-line sonnet form, the fragrance is composed of 14 raw materials. The first stanza is based on seductive suede, saffron, and leatheraccords, evoking Grasse’s roots as an epicenter of tanning in the Middle Ages. Heart notes include Rose de mai and nagamotha as a nod to Grasse’srise as the world’s perfume capital in the 18th century—home to flower fieldsthat meet the Mediterranean Sea. At its volta, Nostalgia turns toward anisic top notes inspired by Pastis—the complex, herbal aperitif.

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